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Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodges
Tropical North Queensland, Australia.
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Northern Brown Bandicoot Photo: C & D Frith    
Australia's Cape York
Northern Brown Bandicoot: Isoodon macrourus
    • It is a carnivorous marsupial with a reverse pouch, so that will not fill with soil when digging.
    • Speckled brown-black coat covers its back, with its underside light in colour.
    • Short-sighted.

  • Common in the rainforest
  • Found in areas of low ground cover, including tall grass and dense shrubbery.
  • Days are spent in a well concealed nest which has a heap of ground litter covering a shallow dip, hence providing an underground enclosure with loose regions at each end for entry and exit.
  • In times of rain, the nest is water proofed by kicking a layer of soil over the top, or the bandicoot may choose to rest in hollow logs or tussocks.


  • Food is found at night time over a sparse range of land. The animal prefers to eat insects and other invertebrates such as spiders and earthworms, but it is omnivorous, thus, able to eat plant materials.
  • Food obtained from the rainforest floor, rotted logs or by digging underground with their forepaws.

Social Behaviour:

  • Males are larger than females, have larger canine teeth, are more aggressive and have larger feeding ranges
  • Males have a gland behind their ear which marks their area during fights and courting
  • Males and females only come together during the mating season.

Viewing opportunities:

  • Will often be seen after dark at Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodge digging in the rainforest floor.
  • Commonly seen on Lake Eacham roadway illuminated by the car headlights.

Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodges
Lake Eacham, Atherton Tableland
Tropical North Queensland, Australia.
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